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VirtualVenue: Solution to Overcrowding 

My Role:

UX/UI Designer


Final course project at the University of Waterloo


  • UX Research

  • Wireframing & Prototyping

  • Project Management



Jan - Apr 2023


The Scope

My capstone course at the University of Waterloo challenged me to create a solution to a problem while making use of digital-twin technology. My team and I needed to design a product supported by research, create a high-fidelity prototype and present our solution and findings. 

First Glance

We created VirtualVenue as an all-in-one solution for event planning and crowd management. This application aims to revolutionize the event planning industry, build a safer experience for attendees, and make the lives of event planners easier.

Virtual Venue Logo
Design Process

Design Process



We began the journey by exploring potential users involved in large-scale events, the causes of overcrowding, and the pain points of event planners and security guards.

Research Methods 

  • Secondary Research

  • Case Studies

  • Interviews

Problems in the Event Industry

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Overcrowding continues to worsen due to lockdowns lifting, leading to safety concerns

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Poor building infrastructure and event management can lead to crowd crushing

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An event planner’s job is overwhelming, with a lack of innovative tools to streamline their tasks

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Security guards have gaps in communication with each other during operations & emergencies

How might we make planning events in convention centers more efficient, safer, and more meaningful to both attendees and organizers?

Holistic Approach

There are many jobs to be done in order for events to run smoothly, and we quickly realized that the solution needed to include more than just event planners as users. We also put thought into how our solution would positively impact other parties involved in events, such as attendees and emergency first responders.

Target Users

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Event Planners

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Event Security Guards 

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Maintenance Workers

User Interview: Head of Security at Scotiabank Arena 


  • Guards face communication struggles due to many layers of departments

  • Directing emergency personnel to emergencies must be considered 

  • Collecting real-time foot traffic data can be utilized by senior management

Example of overcrowding


With the help of recent case studies, we concluded that crowd crushes can occur from poor event planning in the form of a lack of navigational paths and exits, and a lack of understanding infrastructure limits and maximum capacity.


Solution Refining

Many sessions of brainstorming, affinity diagrams and mapping lead us to make our final decisions.

Affinity Diagram: Crowd Control

We asked ourselves, how can we control the crowds? And we challenged these ideas by thinking in a real-world context and how related parties may benefit and support them. 

Brainstorm: Timeline

We wanted VirtualVenue to provide different features taking place before events, during events and after events. 

Mapping: Main Features

Creating maps was an important step before designing the interface. It helped us stay on the same page while we created wireframes together.