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Internship at Vosyn

Vosyn is a vibrant new AI startup with an ambitious goal to provide a way to explore all forms of global content, having all of it translated and contextualized to your language.


I took on the role of UI/UX team lead on my first day. 

My Role:

UX/UI Team Lead


NDA (Product Design at Vosyn) 






Dec. 2023 - April 2024 

My Impact

01 Product Demos: Successfully delivered Vosyn’s first 3 demos of their product, in collaboration with developers.

02 Product Design: Collaborated with team members to improve and expand on existing features.

03 Leadership: Lead and expanded the UI/UX team, taking on responsibilities such as product design, user research, design systems, company branding and website maintenance.




01 Continuous Research: When designing, a fair amount of struggles could have been resolved by taking more time to look into the market and target users further. The company prioritized progressing through development phases, which led me to advocate for the team to research while designing. 

02 Embrace Ambiguity: Being in an environment with loose structure had its challenges, but it also allowed for creative freedom to solve problems and build foundations. Should I find myself in a similar workplace in the future, I’ll know what to do.

03 Communication is Key: While working with other team leads, we realized that the way to eliminate mistakes and improve the quality of work was to push for collaboration between designers and developers by creating sub-teams for each major feature.

Final Thoughts 

Working at a place like Vosyn where you have the room to freely innovate and take ownership in the work was truly a rewarding experience. I met a some great people, learned a lot from them, and I was able to teach them things in return. I had the ability to support the company beyond my team's initiatives, which helped me better understand the ins and outs of a startup. 



My work is under an NDA, but I’d be happy to elaborate on my experience if you have any questions. 

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